How to Raise Prices, Increase Profits, Even When You Think You Can’t – Especially If You Think You Can’t

If you’re stuck wondering how in the world to command higher prices, not seeing how you can possibly raise your prices – Think again. In this jam-packed 44 minute presentation delivered by G.E. Masana to the Professional Photographers Association (New Jersey Chapter), you’ll be given a whole new understanding of how price works – with real life examples – that can turn your world around overnight.

You’ll discover:

  • The Price Strategy Goals you should always go for
  • What’s been stopping you from increasing your profits, why it doesn’t make sense and how to overcome it
  • What prompts clients to happily pay you higher than typical prices
  • Why setting selling prices based on costs of running your business will keep you struggling – and the real trick in setting profitable prices instead
  • How to make your seemingly expensive prices appear more than totally reasonable
  • You’ll see how to use higher pricing to make your clients love everything you do for them

What’s more, you’ll see why it doesn’t matter that the competition’s giving it all away for cheap, free yourself from complex pricing formulas that turn you into a commodity, given a simple (but hugely profitable) pricing formula that G.E. uses… and most of all, you’ll quickly learn how to see price in a new different way than everybody else that puts YOU totally in control, free to apply these strategies and tactics to increase your prosperity, get more business and ratchet your sales upwards.

Includes 15 pages of Talking Points from the presentation, case study photos and videos, and nine audio files:

1. “It Starts With You” – Why getting high prices truly has nothing to do with reality and how to get out of your own way
2. “Price Clues” – How people (mis)think about price… and how you can use that to your advantage (only use this ethically!)
3. “How Price Influences Perception” – Do THIS and people will love your photography even more
4. “Does It Matter What Others Charge?” – If you’re worried how “everybody else is cheaper” then this will bust right through that for you so they don’t matter
5. “Practical Obstacles” – Stop unintentionally sabotaging your prices!
6. “How You Present Price, Matters” It’s never about the price…
7. “The Must Haves For Premium Pricing” – This makes your higher prices perfectly acceptable.
8. “Dumb Economics” – What you don’t want to do – and why not.
9. “BONUS – 10 Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now” – as if the other 8 segments aren’t already filled with great teaching- just do any ONE of these and you’re bound to see immediate gains.