First, let’s talk about YOU.

You’re that person I keep seeing on those photography forums and groups, aren’t you?

Sure, now I recognize you. You’re a pretty decent photographer.

Thing that frustrates you though is that as much care as you put into your work, someone else seems to get the jobs. Or the better client. Or the pay off.

Maybe you do okay for yourself but you’re not where you see yourself being.

Or worse, maybe no matter what you do, nothing good happens. Ever.

And you’re puzzled, stumped. You keep asking yourself, “what’s going on?”

Banging your head for answers.

So you hop on groups and forums and look for insight and help.

You get bits and pieces you machine together like a jigsaw.

Something sounds good and so you run with it for a few months. Only to find out that doesn’t work too well either.

And you go around in circles.

How much time did you spend doing the wrong things? How many clients did you burn through?

And what’s scarier is that guy you were taking advice from on the forum for the last year, just went out of business.

And you noticed that other guy who always has advice to give, just got to his first milestone. He photographed his fifth wedding.

And that guy you know for a fact is doing well… he doesn’t actually volunteer what his secret sauce is. So you end up doing only one or two of the forty parts he has in play that creates his success. But those one or two parts aren’t effective without all the other parts he doesn’t tell you about.

And that makes you wonder if you ought to be listening to all these voices? All this noise.

Me, I’m so tired of it.

I’m tired of the poor advice, the half truths, the fallacies that permeate the industry.

See, what happens is when you’ve been knee deep in the industry for several decades as I have, you learn nuances layers deep. And you see that advice and say to yourself,”they obviously don’t know all about it yet.”

So I decided to do something about it.

Because I’m not going to be a wedding photographer forever. I’ve got a few years before I stop. So now’s the time.
I’m going to teach you the stuff you don’t know. Stuff drawn from years in the ditches actually doing photography, booking clients, selling photos full time for a living.

I’ll show you why brides don’t reply to your emails, I’ll show you how to increase sales, I’ll tell you how to get bookings.

I’ll explain how couples buy, why they buy,why they don’t, what they want and what works best.

I’m going to show you everything you need to know.

And what you’ll find happens is that you’ll be more confident, you’ll make more money, and you won’t be second guessing everything running around like a nut.

My name is G.E. Masana.

I’ve mentored a few other photographers. Coached them on these very same topics. Wrote a (now out of print) book on sales which was sold through big name outlets like B&H Photo. That was cool. I’ve written articles on sales and marketing for LENS magazine, Rangefinder, Studio Photography and more recently for industry blogs such as Book More Brides and PhotoMint. I also currently mentor a Facebook group following a very well known international photographer. It’s all very cool, and not bad for a kid with a camera.

And starting a blog like this where I can speak freely has been something I’ve been wanting to do.

But I can’t do it without you.

You already have the passion. You have the determination. And you’re smart enough.

What you need to know now are the steps to take.

So all you need to do now is subscribe, if you haven’t yet. That way I can get my posts out to you about once a week, maybe a few times a week if I feel like it, and share tips and insights you can put into practice immediately.

And it’s totally free.

Just type in your email address below and I’ll talk to you soon.